Self Assessment Certification Package

Self Assessment Certification Package

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Self Assessment Certification Package
The CMMC Certification Foundation

Price: $2,500

Ideal For: Small businesses aiming for CMMC compliance and aligning with NIST 800-171 standards.

Product Description: Elevate your cybersecurity framework with our Self-Assessment Certification Package, meticulously tailored to assist small businesses in adhering to both CMMC and NIST 800-171 standards. This dual-compliance package is essential for those managing Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), ensuring adherence to both Department of Defense (DoD) and federal cybersecurity requirements.

Included CMMC Services:

  • Comprehensive Gap Assessment (CMMC & NIST 800-171):

    Begin your compliance journey with a detailed assessment that spans both the CMMC and NIST 800-171 guidelines. Featuring walkthrough videos and interactive tools from accredited assessors, this assessment provides a clear picture of your current security practices and their alignment with required standards.

  • ReScore Audit by C3 Assessor: After completing your self-assessment, our certified C3 assessors will conduct a ReScore Audit. This audit not only confirms your self-assessment scores but also deepens the gap analysis to cover both CMMC and NIST 800-171. This crucial step identifies your strongest and weakest areas in cybersecurity compliance, providing specific insights into necessary improvements.
  • Customized Compliance Roadmap: Achieve CMMC Level 2 and meet NIST 800-171 standards with a customized compliance roadmap. This detailed guide includes actionable steps, scheduled reviews, and continuous monitoring strategies to ensure you implement and maintain all necessary security controls effectively.
  • Dedicated Email Support from Cybersecurity Experts: Gain unlimited access to our cybersecurity experts through priority email support. Whether you need clarification on specific compliance requirements or assistance in resolving complex security issues, our team is ready to provide expert guidance promptly.

Buy Now: Commit to excellence in cybersecurity and ensure your operations meet stringent compliance standards by investing in our Self-Assessment Certification Package. Equip your business with the necessary tools and expert guidance to navigate the complexities of federal and defense cybersecurity mandates. Purchase Today

This package is designed to offer small businesses a clear pathway to achieving comprehensive cybersecurity compliance, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed the critical security requirements imposed by both federal and defense sectors.

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